Setup guide

Setting up Noora is a very simple process. This article aims to outline these basic steps.

Sign up and create your new workspace

The first step is to create your Noora account. After you've verified your e-mail address you will be able to name your workspace and choose the subdomain that your users will use to give you feedback.

Brand your workspace

To help make Noora feel part of your product, you should upload an avatar for your workspace. You can do this from the admin view by clicking on Settings, and then clicking on Changeā€¦ underneath the Avatar heading. Please note that avatars need to be square in size and no larger than 256x256 pixels.

Create your first boards

Now that your workspace is starting to match your own branding, it is time to setup your first boards. We recommend starting out with a "Feature Requests" board and a "Bugs" board. This will help keep these two separate and make it easy for users to know where to post. In the future once you start to gather more feedback, you can consider splitting up the Feature Requests board into smaller product areas such as "Integrations".

Import or create your initial roadmap posts

You are probably already working on a lot of things. Now is the time to bring greater transparency to your customers by having these features on your public roadmap. You can either import posts from CSV/Excel or you can manually create them. For posts to show up on your roadmap, just set a Status on them, and Noora will take care of the rest.

Add links to your website and product

You can find a detailed install guide for how to link to and embed Noora on your website and in your products, here.

Setup integrations

The final step to getting setup is to connect Noora to any other apps or services that you use. We have specially designed Intercom and Slack integrations, or you can use our Zapier integration to connect to 1,000+ other apps.

Need any more help or missing something? Just open our support widget and ask questions, we're always happy to help.

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