Jira integration

This app allows you to connect Jira Cloud to your Noora workspace so that:

  • Jira issues can be linked to Noora feedback. You will see a link both in Jira and in Noora.
  • New Jira issues can be created from feedback in Noora. 

Install instructions

  1. Install the Jira add-on from the marketplace - https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1223691/noora-for-jira
  2. In Jira, Click “Configure”.  Copy the secret token.
  3. Go to the Admin section of your Noora workspace. Then navigate to Settings → Integrations. On this screen under Jira Cloud you can paste the token into Noora to give that workspace access to your Jira instance.
  4. Now if you navigate to an “Idea” in Noora, you will see a new Jira links field.


  1. From here you can search amongst the Jira issues in the instance you have integrated or create a new issue for the feedback in Noora. The screenshot below shows the UI for creating a new issue instead of searching for an existing one.

lemonade.noorahq.dev_admin_ideas_feature-requests_posts_jira-cloud-integration (2).png

  1. Once you either create an issue or link to an existing one, in both Noora and Jira, you will see links in the side panel. 

lemonade.noorahq.dev_admin_ideas_feature-requests_posts_jira-cloud-integration (3).png

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