Intercom integration

This app allows you to connect Intercom to your Noora workspace so that:

  • Leads and visitors can add feature requests directly from Messenger.
  • Teammates can see the voting history of contacts in Inbox, as well as add votes and create new feature requests on behalf of contacts.

What you’ll need

A Noora admin account. You can sign up for Noora at

How to set up the app

Sign in to your Noora account

The first step is to sign in to the Noora workspace that you want to connect to Intercom. You need to be a workspace admin.

Connect to Intercom

  • Sign in to your Noora account.
  • Click on your Avatar and select Administration.
  • Click on Integrations.
  • Click on Connect to Intercom and follow the instructions. This will connect your Intercom workspace to your Noora workspace, allowing Intercom permission to read your Noora data. Add the Noora app to Messenger and/or Inbox.

How to use the app


The Noora app supports both Visitors and Leads. Once added to Messenger, they will be able to search for posts to add their votes to, as well as post new feature requests.


Once added to Inbox, your teammates will be able to see a full voting history for the contact. They will also be able to add a vote on behalf of the contact, as well as create new feature requests if applicable.

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