Slack integration

The Slack integration with Noora allows you to get immediate notifications within Slack channels whenever:

  • A new post is made by a user.
  • A new comment is posted.
  • A user adds a vote to a post.
  • A new insight is added to your workspace.

What you’ll need

A Noora admin account. You can sign up for Noora at

How to set up the app

Sign in to your Noora account

The first step is to sign in to the Noora workspace that you want to connect to Slack. You need to be a workspace admin.

Add to Slack

Click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner, then choose Administration. From here, click on Integrations. Click on Add to Slack. On this step, you can choose the Slack workspace and channel that you want notifications to be posted to.

Configure notifications

Once you have confirmed which Slack channel to post to, you are able to configure the level of notifications that you want to receive, as well as limit the boards from which notifications should be posted. Note that if you select to receive notifications from all boards, whenever you add a new board you will also receive notifications on this board.

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